Vision, Commitments & Principles

Our Vision :
BTB’s vision is to meet the expectations of its customers and partners, increase its corporate profit, maintain its sector leadership at home while keeping its stance as a reliable contractor abroad and minimize eventual damages during its activities to the employees, third parties , properties and environment.

Our Commitments :
BTB is committed to providing a safe and healty workplace, conducting its business activities is a manner that protects environment, achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement.

Our Principles :
BTB commits to act in accordance with the below- mentioned principles;
• Be responsible for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at all levels of the organization and comply with the related laws, decrees, regulations, standards and client’s requirements.
• Be ready for emergency situations,
• Take all necessary actions to prevent incidents, injury and ill health,
• Protect of the environment through the prevention of pollution and the conservation of energy and naturel resources,
• Reduce the production of waste through measures that emphasize reuse, recycling,
• Follow the principles of integrity, honesty, transparency and fairness,
• Respect of human rights, cultural values,
• Minimize the customer complaints, re-works and repair Works, reduce costs and share these with the customers,
• Increase the efficiency of the Management Systems, continuously monitor and improve their imlementation.