Quality Policy

In order to support the core business of operations, the BTB Quality Policy is basted on following principles:

• Complete customer satisfaction and fulfillment statutory and regulatory requirements through the observance of both the relevant requirements for the delivered services, and collection and analysis of feedback information;

• Proposal and implementation of Quality Management System and work processes continual improvement plans by means of process aproach, in accordance with established objectives in the Key Performance Indicators;

• Complete involvement of the entire organization in order to ensure that everybody is aware of the relevance and importance of their activities, and how they contribute to the achievement of quality objectives; and

• Adequate monitoring of vendors, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they comply with BTB requirements.

BTB has consequently adopted a Quality Management System which conforms to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard as a guide for the company management.

To quarantee a system approach to management and to base effective decisions on the analysis of data and information. A structural framework, aimed to establish and review Quality objectives, will be defined annually, and includes the following:

• Definition of objectives and indicators, measurable within each process; shall be combined with specific targets, in accordance with reference temporal due dates;

• Communication of objectives and targets to all personnel and periodic monitoring of established indicators, provides an inherent self-ossessment of policy and processes;


• Annual report of results achieved and proposal of consequent improvement activities within the Management Review Meeting.

The Top Management of BTB is committed to achieve the defination of the present policy, relevant quality objectives and consequent priority actions assigned.

The Quality Organization of BTB has the responsibility to support the executives for the development and management of the Quality System, and for its adequacy venfication against the established objectives.

All personnel of BTB are expected contribute towards the implementation, efficiency and sustainability of the Quality Management System in relation to their assigned duties and responsibilities.